A warm welcome at an authentic restaurant..

As you will have notice the restaurant have gone
through a major transformation and we hope it
comes across in the atmosphere it gives,as usual
we strive to make your visit to the
Surrey Palace a most enjoyable one, should you
require any information regarding our service
please feel free to ask a member of staff, you can
call or complete the contact form on the
contact page of this website.

What we are about…

Surrey Palace, synonyms that conjure countless
images of balmy climates, exotic bazaars and
sumptuous palaces.

The British love affair with Indian cuisine is as
old as the legendary spice trade and in recent
years this relationship has been further enhanced
through an earnest desire to replicate the adopted
national dish in the home.

Authentic Indian food requires unique preparation
techniques and by the demand for variety.cuisine,
allowing you to keep alive – in taste at least – the
We are certain you will relish the sensuous and
stirring experience recreated within the ambient
setting of Surrey Palace.



Manager – Tarek Chowdhury